14 questions (and few answers) about SB 276

Today I read a great article from Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Whiteker about Senate Bill 276 published in the Lufkin Daily News.

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In the piece, Whiteker lists fourteen questions for backers of #sb276 to consider.  I have attempted to answer each one based on my own reading of the bill:

■ Will private schools retain the right to charge tuition above the value of the voucher? (Yes)

■ Will private schools that receive state aid ( vouchers or taxpayer grants) be eligible to request additional funds to provide the necessary services required for the very special high-needs students? (?)

■ Will a private school that receives state aid (vouchers or taxpayer grants) be required to meet the same regulations as public schools? (maybe, but no law passed after 1-1-2015 will apply link)

■ Will a private school that receives state aid (vouchers or taxpayer grants) be required to administer the state-mandated curriculum and student assessments? (not addressed in SB 276, but in HB 1043, any norm referenced test can substitute for STAAR)

■ Will private schools and home schools that receive state aid or taxpayer grants be allowed to teach common core curriculum? (?)

■ Will a private school be subjected to the same accountability standards as public schools? (?)

■ Will a private school retain the right of student refusal based on disability, academic achievement, religious beliefs or discipline? (?)

■ Will a private school, receiving students that are eligible for free and reduced meals, be required to offer meals under this federal program? (?)

■ Will vouchers (taxpayer savings grants) limit the religious instruction (Christian and non-Christian) offered in private schools? (?)

■ Will the state assume the responsibility of managing and monitoring families that receive vouchers or taxpayer grants to home school their children? (?)

■ Will the state offer vouchers/taxpayer savings grants for all students currently enrolled in private schools or home schooled? (After year 1 they would not be eligible according to Sec 42.501 as worded in bill link)

■ Will voucher funds (taxpayer savings grants) be allocated by average daily attendance, requiring private schools/home schoolers to report daily attendance with required hours of instruction to receive the funds for that day of instruction? (?)

■ Will the private school/home schooler have to reimburse the state if the student(s) withdraw from the private school during the year and wish to re-enroll in the public school. (?)

■ Will private schools be required to participate in the PEIMS reporting system? (?)


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