My name is Troy Mooney.

In 2008, while interviewing to eventually become the principal of Fort Bend Kempner High School in Texas, I was asked the standard question of “What do you want to be doing 5 years from now.”

At that moment I realized, and said as much, that what I wanted to eventually do was to help Principals be successful.  That desire to develop, mentor, and support principals has since evolved into an intentional focus towards Developing Principled Leaders in a Compromising World.

Defining Success

Success for me is defined as providing the necessary mentoring, training, example, feedback, and encouragement to others to help them fulfill their purpose.


My first effort was the Texas Principal.org website which was a partnership between myself, Kevin Moran, Michael Twigg and Herbert O’Neil.  Thanks to Michael, an award winning teacher and a skilled Joomla user,  we were able to create a powerful website (www.texasprincipal.org).  Kevin, a respected Texas district administrator and former principal colleague in Fort Bend ISD, provided encouragement and financial support for the successfully launch. Herbert, a gifted leader and integrator I have known since I first hired him as a teacher in 2003, taught me about using Twitter to create interest in the site.  Through various contributors such as Todd Nesloney, Joe Graham, Zach Bigner, Amber Teamann Carrie Ross, and many others, as well as skilled search engine optimization, the website quickly became a top item on any Google search.


This website (www.troymooney.com) represents a personal next effort that is broader in scope than supporting principals and educators though that will still remain the primary focus. Added to that will now be an intentional effort to help others grow and develop as effective leaders and managers in any type of organization.  It will also serve as a repository of some of my personal “Big Ideas”. Ideas that I have articulated but that certainly were conceived as a result of watching and learning with many of the great mentors I have had in my life, none greater than Waller Independent School District Superintendent Danny Twardowski.  RAVE, 3IA, Catalytic Meetings, and Resolve It are the first of many such “Big Ideas”.

My Biography

Starting in 1993, I have worked as a Teacher, Coach, Campus Technologist, High School Assistant Principal, Junior High Principal, High School Principal, and an Assistant Superintendent for two school districts in Texas.  All of my service was at Waller ISD except for the time I served as the principal of Kempner High School in Fort Bend ISD.  In July 2012, I joined Life Schools, a charter system in Dallas, which has since grown by over 1700 students to our current 2015-16 number of 5500 spread across 8 campuses.  In my role as Chief Academic Officer, I am afforded a chance to support and lead the principals and instructional coordinators.  I also have served as a Board Member for the First Baptist Academy private school in Houston. These varied experiences give me insight into many of the educational options available for students and the wonderful educators who daily make a difference in the lives of their students in a variety of settings.

I went to high school in Alief ISD, an incredibly forward thinking district in southwest Houston that greatly prepared me for the college experience.  At Alief Hastings, I had a chance to learn under the incomparable “Doc” Taylor who heavily influenced me to become a History teacher.

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1991 and was blessed to be an integral part of the formation of Breakaway Ministries.  Formed in an apartment in 1989 with Gregg Matte, Brett Wingo and Corey Walls, Breakaway now meets in Texas A&M University’s Reed Arena serving almost 10,000 students weekly.  Later, I earned a graduate degree from Prairie View A&M and have continued further studies at Texas A&M.

I have been married to Karen Mooney since 1992 and we have one son named Jake.

In my spare time I enjoy living life with Jake and Karen, running and many forms of fitness, connecting and learning with other educators, and volunteering at First Baptist Church in Midlothian, Texas.

Let’s grow together and commit to Developing Principled Leaders in a Compromising World,