Build Your Own Leadership Preparation Program

If you work anywhere or participate in any kind of organization, you need more formal and informal leaders.  You can either hire more ready-made leaders (expensive) or develop them on your own (less expensive plus they are already culturally integrated).

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I work in a school system.  You might not, but this is probably as true of your organization as it is of mine: Organizations need more effective leaders, authentically developed at a faster rate, and spread throughout all levels of their organization than most current leadership preparation programs are scaled to produce.  Executives must commit to creating an aligned, authentic, competency based system to recruit, select, develop, support, and evaluate leaders.

Life Schools and Primer hosted an Ed Leadership Preparation Summit, and this document represents a summary of many of the good ideas shared by the leaders we invited to the program.  I’ll develop the concepts in more detail in future posts, but wanted to give you the complete guide up front in case you are trying to get started.

The Primer Guide to  Leadership Preparation Programs

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Further Reading:

Preparing School leaders for a Changing World.  Chapter 4 offers some excellent insight into characteristics of great programs.

Leading School Improvement   produced by SREB from 2001 but a great resource. Discusses what you need beyond a list of competencies or skills in a leadership program.