7 tips for hosting an effective parent Twitter chat


I participated with @carrie_jackson and her staff, students and parents in a structured chat (#tmshawkchat).  During the session I had a chance to interact with five stakeholders from TMS, including parents, as well as other interlopers like myself who joined for various reasons. Principal Jackson, who was recently featured in the April 12 issue of  the NASSP Bulletin, structures the chat sessions in the following manner:

  • The chat sessions are held weekly at the same time to promote community
  • The chat session hashtag is unique to avoid the “noise” of other active chat feeds
  • The sessions are cross promoted from her personal and campus twitter accounts
  • Parents, staff, and even students are allowed to participate in the moderated sessions
  • Ms. Jackson welcomes each participant into the session and has them introduce themselves
  • The sessions consist of 4-5 questions focused a particular topic
  • Following the chat, Ms. Jackson tweets out a Storify to transcript the session

What other suggestions do you have for structuring an effective stakeholder chat for your campus or district?