Why we will embrace wearable technology


Once people that look like those pictured above embrace the latest tech, you will too.

At this point very few people think they want someone wearing a camera that looks like sunglasses (or any kind of camera) filming them all day long.

That is all going to change as soon as the popular people, celebrities, athletes, and finally your early adopting friends and family members begin wearing google glasses or whatever new wearable device w/camera finally takes over the market.

Remember when a flip phone was all you needed, or you were happy enough with your land line, or you thought color tv was for the wealthy, or you were just fine keeping up with your stocks via teletype?

Me either for most of those, but I like new technologies, and usually want to try them out. Maybe you don’t and think you can personally stem the tide of change.  I ask you to consider that even my septuagenarian family members own smart phones now and that is a demographic that usually is not known for embracing changing tech. Why do you think you will be able to resist these new wearable cameras?

Some will adopt because the beautiful people are using it, others will wait til they need it for some tool related purpose, and then the rest of you will adopt to avoid being left out.  The last hold-outs will finally adopt when they can no longer buy their current tech because no one makes it anymore.

We should stop considering how we can resist these new technologies and instead start thinking about how our lives are going to change (for better or worse) because of them.