It Is Time For The #TEPSA16 Conference

Today is the official start of the Texas Elementary Principals Association Annual Conference in Austin, Texas.  Lots of great presenters scheduled to speak including my friend Todd Nesloney  who recently published his first book Kid’s Deserve it. I am also presenting twice and invite all of you to attend if you are attending the conference.

On Thursday, June 16,  Herbert O’Neil and I will be presenting Influence to Lead: From Intention to Implementation.


Lack of influence is a failure point for leaders and their goals.  It is devastating for initiatives to fail because of avoidable development and implementation errors. Learn and practice strategies to expand your influence including involving stakeholders in decisions that impact them, effectively sharing your “why”, and piloting programs to ensure you are able to move ideas from intention to implementation. Join the Primer podcast team and learn how to move your ideas from intention to implementation.

Then on Friday, June 17,  I will be presenting on The Leadership Rift.


The Leadership Rift

The Leadership Rift is the disconnect between leaders and their followers, their customers, achievement of goals, completion of projects, and their understanding of what is really happening in their organization. Learn and share with others specific strategies to minimize and eliminate the effects of the Rift to become the effective  transformational leader your campus needs.

If you are attending the conference, stop by at either session and join the conversation.  If not share your please share your best ideas on these topics with me via twitter.