Just Start! Your idea is going to be obsolete before it is perfect.

I am a fan of the book, Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon. The quote at the start of chapter 2 endeared the book to me, ” You’re ready.  Start making stuff.”  Like many of you I have no problem procrastinating on an idea under the deception of thinking it has to be perfect before sharing.

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After reading the book and reflecting on why I was hesitant to develop, publish, or share some of my ideas, I  discovered the following truth that has freed me to get started creating:

The moment you create something it is obsolete.

It is obsolete because you are subtly changed just from the creative process and would make it differently if you started over.  Think of how you continuously revise, edit, modify, delete, or change your creations until you finally negotiate an agreement with yourself that you are satisfied. Are you satisfied because your effort is now perfect or more likely are you satisfied because you are tired of making changes?

Your creations quickly become obsolete because as you share them you learn more and adjust your thinking based on feedback and new experiences.  This new learning means your thoughts about your own creation have changed and your prior work is no longer what you would make again.

You might rightfully believe that If you had only waited another day, month, or year, your creation probably would be better.  Though better, it still would not be perfect, and by waiting you deprive yourself of the growth that comes through the creative process.

Once you accept that  your creations will become obsolete then you are freed to get started. If it will never be perfect then why wait to publish or share?

Others may benefit from your imperfect creation, and you certainly need to complete the creative process to continue your own personal growth.

Just Start.