Leadership Series 1: Follow Through


“Practicing things to improve your follow-through will have a good overall affect on your swing; Why? Because to get to a good follow-through position you’ll have to do things prior to the follow-through that will help you improve your swing.” from the website Golfing with Balls

Properly lead meetings conclude with action items.  These action items include delegating tasks, checking for resource needs, and assigning completion timelines. This process ensures that there is a shared level of understanding of what needs to be done and who is responsible, but without a plan for follow-through there is a chance for project lapse and ultimately your own leadership failure.

Additionally outside of planned meetings, in your day-to-day conversations with employees, you are constantly either accepting or delegating tasks and responsibilities; and, based on your follow-through cementing your reputation as someone who gets things done or as a leader who is unreliable.

Assess your follow-through by considering the following:

  • What is your process for monitoring tasks you have delegated to others?
  • How do you keep track of tasks that you have accepted?
  • Do your employees feel comfortable sharing resource needs with you when they accept your tasks?

Want to get better at follow-through?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Slow down and make a quick electronic or written record any time you accept or assign a task
  • Use meeting agendas to remind you and others of tasks assignments and to check for progress
  • Use a program like Evernote which is available on all of your mobile devices and computers to keep track of tasks you have accepted and/or assigned
  • Train yourself on a formal process such as Getting Things Done

Being aware of the importance of follow-through can improve your golf game but more importantly can improve your effectiveness as a leader.  Not only will your employees (and you) actually implement your intended plans but those who work with you will begin to develop a high level of trust in your abilities as a reliable leader.

Do you have any other ideas about the importance of follow-through or effective process for ensuring that you follow through on assigned tasks?