Learning to Honor Commitments: A Hidden Benefit of Collaboration

Losing weight is really quite simple: eat less, eat healthy, and move more.  Nearly all of us know that without reading any articles or exploring fitness memberships. However, according to the Center for Disease Control, we find ourselves in the midst of at least a 23 year rise in the increase of obesity and diabetes.

Photo Credit: Nathaniel Tetteh

It is very difficult for most of us to solve our fitness problems alone.  That difficulty has led to the rise of an over 28 billion dollar health and fitness industry in the United states that continues to grow annually. One selling point of the industry is group accountability and providing a venue to make and then honor commitments.  Running clubs, crossfit boxes, weight loss centers, Personal Trainers, and fitness gyms all leverage personal accountability and honoring commitment to help us reach our fitness goals.

Many other behaviors also help us to honor our commitments: writing the commitment down; sharing it with others; taking small action steps; and, constantly revisiting our commitment.

An accountable group that honors their commitments to each other is the basis for any successful collaboration.

Providing students and staff with many opportunities to collaborate together creates a fertile ground for experiencing group accountability and learning the importance of honoring personal commitments.


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