#Lifestreaming and four other results of self-casting

These predictions were first made in May of 2014, but I am re-posting this article with a few updates in light of ease of self-casting made possible by applications like Periscope.

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The list is not exhaustive so feel free to contribute your own ideas (by connecting with me on Twitter) as to what will happen once everyone is self-casting.

1. #Lifestreaming

Self-casting  will allow individuals to subscribe to other people’s lives and watch them rather than spend time living their own life.  At first people will make abysmal choices of who to subscribe to by choosing to follow celebrities and other people famous simply for being famous.  Soon though we will move on and start following adventurers, explorers, daredevils and other interesting folks like teachers on prom duty or principals in hallways during class change

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(This is banned by the NFL at the moment)

2. Life Channels

Popular people will then begin charging subscription fees for you to watch their lives and they will in effect become “channels”. Why watch ESPN tell you about an athlete when you can just virtually live that athlete’s life through subscription?  This shift will create the added benefit to society of drying up the market for paparazzi and entertainment news magazines since we can now directly find out on our own what the “stars” are doing.

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A daily view for any of my future #lifestreaming subscribers

3. Product Placement on Periscope

Once streamers began to get actual followers they can then monetize their own daily product use.  We won’t need commercials with traditional pitchmen to promote products they *might* use, instead we can see what actual products people are using in real time.  Ever quick to adapt, advertisers will seek out the most followed persons and pay them to use their products. I expect a big check weekly from the makers of Cap’n Crunch under these new arrangements.

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Low tech personal camouflage

4. Rise of the Personal Camouflage Industry

The fact that everyone is filming everyone else 24/7 will not change the fact that people want some anonymity in their lives.  This will be a boon to the personal camouflage industry.  The natural response to cameras everywhere is for people to begin changing their appearance through masks, costumes, or makeup.  A whole new type of electronic countermeasures enabled clothing will soon emerge to make it difficult to be filmed (for those who can afford it).

5. The exciting Lifezone channel

NFL Redzone is the NFL on speed.  The channel removes all the “boring” parts of games and just shows you the touchdowns. This will soon happen to the various channels of life streamers.  We will be able to subscribe to special “lifezone” channels that just show us dating breakups, people getting fired at work, and all the other sorts of “trainwreck-level” events that we want to watch happen to other people.

What else do you think will happen in a 24/7 first person filmed world?