Summer time is a busy time for new principals, but they must take time to learn the important operational procedures of their new assignment.


Picture credits

(link to downloadable pdf of list)

Campus Procedures

Morning Arrival/Drop off

  • Bus plan
  • Car rider plan
  • Walker plan
  • Student access plan including staging areas and early morning building access
  • Late student procedures
  • Student parking plan including parking pass procedures, insurance requirements, and lot monitoring


  • Set up and break down procedures for cafeteria seating area preparation
  • Cafeteria food service plan including checkout and line queuing
  • Monitoring plan for lines, tables and access hallways
  • Seating plan including acceptable alternate eating areas and student movement restrictions
  • Cafeteria cleaning plan between or during lunch service periods
  • Applicable cafeteria sound and video equipment operation

Staff procedures

  • Sign in/sign out
  • Notification of absence
  • Preparations for substitutes
  • Parking including parking pass procedures

During the day operations

  • Building supervision plan
  • Tardy procedures
  • Administrative 2 way radio channel access and charging procedures.

Maintenance operations

  • Building cleaning schedule
  • Custodial assigned cleaning areas


  • Bus plan
  • Car rider plan
  • Walker plan
  • Plan for students who are not picked up or who do not leave campus at dismissal
  • Plan for controlling access after dismissal
  • Parking lot monitoring plan

Stakeholder communication

  • Public address system operation
  • Emergency announcement communication system
  • School closing and extracurricular event cancellation procedures
  • Plan for updating stakeholder emergency contacts

Other special procedures:

  • Pep rally plan and schedule
  • Assembly procedures including student loading and dismissal from assembly

What other procedures should a new principal learn about their new assignment?  Connect with me via Twitter and share your ideas.