Respond in writing

Campus administrators should always choose to issue a written statement over participating in a video interview.

In a non-crisis situation there is still plenty of opportunity to misspeak or have your comments improperly edited.  In a crisis situation where you are being interviewed by a person more likely concerned with quickly getting a story, establishing blame, or generating page views, you will likely regret the final edited video interview that is shown on the evening news or posted to a website.

Request that media deliver their questions to your designated district media contact in a written format, and then respond in the same manner in order to ensure that your answers are factually accurate.

Principals and school leaders should review their media response plans prior to an actual crisis.  Establish a single person responsible for all media inquiries, and then train all staff to direct media requests to that individual.

 To Review:

  1. Pre-Crisis, establish a media contact for the district
  2. Pre-train all staff to direct inquiries to that person (group?)
  3. Collect all media questions in written format for accuracy
  4. Politely refuse phone or video interviews
  5. Respond in writing to ensure answers are factually accurate to submitted questions
  6. Respond in a timely manner