Intervention, Remediation, and Acceleration

Intervention global Pic

The first steps to developing effective during the school day intervention and enrichment program include the following:

  • Agreement to hold ourselves accountable for the learning of the students
  • Commitment to teach and assess the same concepts
  • Willingness to make adjustments to the master schedule to create intervention time for students
  • Readiness to answer these four questions adapted from Richard Dufour:
    • What do we want to the students to know? (common curriculum/scope and sequence)
    • How will we know if they know it? (common assessments)
    • What will we do for those who don’t know it? (reteach)
    • What will we do for those who master it? (enrichment)

Evolution of Intervention

  • 4 different structures that I have tried in various schools (many of which were ineffective)

Prescriptive Intervention

  • Prescriptive Intervention is specifically tailored to the individual student

Immediate Incremental Intervention

  • Intervention must be immediate and incremental

5 tips for structuring Elementary school intervention

  • 5 ideas from an exemplary  Title 1 elementary school