Implementing Reteach and Enrichment on your campus

“When we hold students accountable to a high standard, then we hold ourselves accountable to ensure they reach that standard”  Calvin Barker, Superintendent, Vail School District, Arizona

This short 5 minute video explains the process one school uses to ensure student mastery of objectives.

In summary:

  • Teach the same concepts and objectives across the horizontal team
  • Use the same formative assessments across the horizontal team
  • Meet as a team to review student results after each formative assessment
  • Determine, based on formative assessments, which students will need reteach and which will receive enrichment
  • Determine if any different strategies to teach the concepts were more effective, and use those for reteach
  • Utilize a designated, during the school day, time to provide that teaching and enrichment

How are you implementing reteach and enrichment on your campus?  Share your thoughts via Twitter