Prescriptive Intervention


What is Prescriptive Intervention?

It is intervention specifically appropriate for the individual needing assistance.

One of the mistakes we make when developing our intervention plans for students is to fail to make our support  specific to their needs.  Instead we do the following:

  • Group students together with others who made approximately the same score on the most recent benchmark.  Same aggregate score does not equal same concept deficiency.
  • Place every student in a particular grade level or subject into the same intervention regardless of need.
  • Fail to continuously adjust our interventions and regroup our students needing tutorials based on formative assessment results.

Students need immediate, incremental, intervention if they fail to master concepts.  The intervention needs to be specific for their needs.  This will result in continuous adjusting of the intervention curriculum and regular re-grouping of the students in their tutorial classes after each assessment.

Review your intervention efforts of last year or your plans for next year. Are you developing a system that allows for prescriptive intervention?