5 Elements of a Weekly Tactical Meeting


As a Principal you should have a weekly formal tactical meeting with your assistant and/or associate principals (for further study on strategic and tactical meetings read Death by Meeting from Patrick Lencioni).

A weekly tactical meeting should contain the following elements as regular recurring agenda items:

  • Review of new enrollees and withdrawals
    • This is important to ensure your campus has good leaver code records for your withdrawals  (important in Texas), that you are monitoring for dropouts,  and that your principals know if there are new students in their assigned groups that they need to meet
  • Review of students with excessive absences
    • This is important to ensure both that you are monitoring for truancy and also that you are providing assignments and support for any students with serious illness or other issues affecting attendance
  • Review of classroom student success rates (or failure rates)
    • Check that staff have recorded an appropriate number of grades (if this is part of your campus guidelines)
    • Check for excessive student failures
    • Schedule meetings/conversations with staff as appropriate after reviewing the data
  • Review of the weekly events calendar and duty assignments
  • Review of planned classroom observations
    • This is important because otherwise the important strategic classroom visits will not occur due to the pressures of weekly urgent issues

What are some other regular recurring items that should be a part of your weekly tactical principal meetings?