Lesson 4: Your face says it all


As a Principal you will receive a lot of bad news daily even on a well run campus.  Schools are full of people and people often make poor decisions or they have bad things happen to them beyond their control. Either way it leads to stress and some reactive decision-making on your part.  Even when things are going well you will tend to worry about what might happen next.

Your staff watches you for information on how things are functioning.  Your posture, voice tone, proximity, eye contact, and facial expression are just a few of the nonverbal indicators that reveal your assessment of the current state of the school.

  • Train yourself not to react poorly to bad news.
  • Be conscious of your demeanor as you interact with the staff and students.
  • A smile says things are going well

What do your demeanor and expressions indicate about how you feel things are going on your campus?

How do you manage your responses to difficult news and events?