Lesson 5: Write notes


Even with a good system of delegation you will not always be able to do everything required of you as principal.  You will have to choose to postpone or neglect some tasks.

A task you cannot neglect, postpone, or delegate, is the task of handwriting personal notes to your staff.

One way to affirm to others that you are worthy to lead them is to take time to write them a specific, personal note of encouragement or support.  Emails are read and forgotten but personal notes are tacked to bulletin boards, displayed on desks, taped to monitors, and saved in file folders forever.

Train the members of your leadership team to also write notes by allowing them time to write a few at the beginning of your meetings.  Personally commit to write 3-5 per week, or write one to each staff member over the summer or Christmas breaks.

Ideas for notes:

  • Recognition for an accomplishment
  • Acknowledgement of service
  • Support during a difficult situation
  • Encouragement to complete a personal goal

Take Make time to make a lasting positive impact on your staff and write them notes.