Lesson 6: It starts with your people


“Programs are never the problem and they are never the solution”

“Success in any program is more the result of the person, not the program”

—Todd Whitaker, What Great Principals do Differently

The things that are working well at your campus are working well because of your great staff.

Don’t forget that the various programs and activities at your school themselves are completely lifeless without the infusion of the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm of your teachers.

Keep that truth in mind when you are making decisions about how you spend your time each day.

Your staff, rather than your programs, schedule, mission, vision, curriculum, or anything else will determine your success.  Take time to write them notes, solicit their feedback on school events, share your plans and ideas, and provide them the things they think they need to be successful.

If you effectively communicate their importance to you by your actions, then they will protect you during the difficult times and forgive you when you inevitably make a poor decision.

A good campus leader will develop and refine programs to meet the needs of the students and staff, but a great campus leader will also focus on the people who make those programs work.