The requirements for nonpublic schools under HB 1043

House Bill 1043 is described as a “voucher” bill in the 84th Texas Legislature.  It involves tax credits to educational assistance organizations that are able to grant scholarships to eligible public and nonpublic schools.

The requirements of eligibility for a non-public school to be a recipient of this form of educational assistance are found in Section 171.153 of the Bill. Those requirements  include that the nonpublic school must allow a student to fulfill the state compulsory attendance requirements, not be in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights act, and have evidence of :

  1. Accreditation or actively be in the process of accreditation from the Texas Education Agency or Texas Private School Accreditation Commission
  2. Annual Administration of a nationally norm-referenced assessment instrument or appropriate instrument required under CH. 39.023 of the Texas Education Code (STAAR)
  3. Valid certificate of occupancy
  4. Policy statements regarding: Admissions, Curriculum, Safety, and Student-teacher ratios

Bill Text

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