Catastrophic implementation failure guaranteed in three easy steps.

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First, do not involve anyone who will actually be implementing your new idea in its development.  They probably have little to add and what they do offer you will have already considered and dismissed.  Involving people slows things down, blurs your laser focus, and may empower them into thinking their opinions matter on other issues.  Work out your idea with a small group of other high level leaders who will not be affected by any part of the new initiative.

Second, forego any staff training for your new idea.  Your staff is too busy to learn a new process that you will eventually abandon and replace next year.  Training costs money and time which should be hoarded for the inevitable damage control and backtracking that typically follows your program roll-outs.  If you feel you must train your staff then do it all by email.

Third, implement your program systemwide rather than through a smaller scale piloting program.  The best way to find flaws in your idea is having everyone implement it at once.

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